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Where is the opportunity in the marketplace, who is your target, what is your promise and why should people believe you?


Whether quantitative surveys, deep dive interviews, trend reports or competitive tracking - Flower's network of researchers, moderators and facilities will help you unearth the data and insights needed help grow your business.


Flower's founders spent years (and lives) working at top ad agencies all over the world. Not only does our portfolio include blue chip brands like Facebook, Sony, MTV and Dove, but we've also been doing cannabis advocacy communications since the 90's. 

Be it a traditional advertising campaign, a social campaign, an event, or all three - Flower has the creative network to deliver top of the line talent that will make your cannabis brand look as professional as Nike or Apple.


As the booming marketplace gets increasingly crowded, positioning your cannabis brand against competitors will be essential. 

Whether crafting a logo, a marketing plan or a brand campaign - Flower's  strategy services will help you build a brand with a unique promise and personality that generates lots of loyalty, buzz and equity.

Flower knows media and we can get you in the digital conversation. But we also used to have paper routes, so we understand media is more than just Facebook.

Flower's staff has worked at major  newspapers. We’ve run social media campaigns for financial institutions and giant startups. Our network contains innovators and thought leaders who know cannabis, its history, and how your product will fit into the future of this rapidly expanding market.

Public relations

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